Thursday, June 17, 2010

Facebook Fan Pages: Obnoxious or All in Good Fun?

I'm not quite a notorious fanner/liker, but I'm pretty bad, I'll admit. But sometimes I can't help myself. Yes, there are some dumb ones and some with spelling and grammar so horrific that I can't bring myself to fan them (a frequent conflict for me: If I come across a fan page that describes my life perfectly, but misuses your/you're, do I still fan it? Often, I'm tempted to remake the page with the correct usage so all those who care about grammar as much as I do would join my forces, but that'd feel like plagarism. Surely I'm overthinking this). Anyways, usually I really like Fanpages. The pop culture references, if not clever, are still pretty fun and the ones about life's little idiosyncrasies are really cute; it's nice to know other people do the silly things that I do and notice the silly little things I notice. The ones about people's texting and Facebooking habits might be my favorites; I like knowing that when not using face-to-face communication, the person I'm talking to might be doing the same equally quirky things as I'm doing.

Anyways, I'm not sure if this should go on Tumblr or on here, but I'll post it here and maybe this time it'll import to Tumblr correctly:

If I could sum up my life in 10 Facebook Fan Pages:

1. Saying: 'I'm a fan of that on faacebook [sic]' in real life.
2. Throwing your phone away from you after sending a risky text
3. My email address is stupid because i made it when i was 11.
4. YES. my status is from a song. its a subtle message to you. take a hint.
5. I Hate Stinkbugs (For anyone in Pennsylvania, or any other place unfortunate to have them)
6. I Hate it When You're Nice to the Weird Kid, and Then They Stalk Your Life (Seriously, story of my life)
7. Wawa at 3 in the Morning (Another one for you Philly types)
8. Meowing at a cat when it meows at you (Rainbow Flower and I have some great conversations. Yes, I have a cat named Rainbow Flower. We've been over this, right?)
9. Nobody can ever guess my nationality correctly... (My other FB friends who are fans of this are mixed race, too)
10. 11:12...Damn (Happens all too often)

And while we're on the topic of wishes, for good measure, one that doesn't describe my life, but is a perfect combination of pop culture, childhood nostalgia, meta-commentary on Facebook trends under the guise of a facebook trend itsself [Most fan pages seem to be one of these]:

I could really use a wish right now...LOL jk i'm timmy turner

 (If you read my last entry, surely you understand)

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