Friday, April 23, 2010

Wow, I haven’t written in a while. Part writer’s block, part schoolwork, part having something vaguely resembling a social life. You know what they (by “they” I mean Talullah Bankhead) say…it’s the good girls that keep diaries; the bad girls don’t have the time.
Yeah, I’m not fooling myself, either.
Anyhow, um…I have a reserve of blog topics, thanks to my lovely facebook friends, but my internet is being silly so I’ll just go off-book here…um…

The school year’s coming to a close, and, for the first time since like 3rd grade…shockingly, surprisingly, absolutely unheard of…I kind of don’t want the year to end. I don’t know…minus a few months sophomore year’s been the best year of my life, and I feel like those first months or so at the beginning of each semester when I just wanted nothing more than to be home and cuddling with my cat have changed me like whoa…begrudgingly for the best, I guess…I don’t know, I hate change and the beginning of each semester has made me deal with it. Like I said, thanks to all that I’m a vaguely social person now…by “vaguely social”, I mean, not a crazy cat lady cuddling with Rainbow Flower (every time I mention my cat by name I get judged harshly…I’m sort for being a little hippie child) because I’m afraid to live. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be great to go home and see everyone, and I feel like I make much more sense in the context of “home” and the people there than I do here, but I kind of like how little sense my life has made lately…sorting things out gives me something to do and it’s probably helping me grow as a person and feel-good blah blah. Ah well, a little bit of stasis might do me some good before I go completely off the wall. And I’m sure once I come home to Wawa and water ice and day trips down the shore (Damn, I hope the dynamic of the Jersey Shore hasn’t been thrown off by Snooki and the Situation and all them) I’ll be excited to be there for a while. And I promise this blog and I will be BFFs by the end of the summer, so stay tuned.

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about astrology yet! I feel like that, and harp seals, are all I ramble about in real life, so why don’t I do it here? I’ll write a more in-depth astrology entry later, but for now I’ll be self-centered and focus on Cancer, the best sign ever, despite its unfortunate name. So let’s talk about some common Cancerian traits, and how I fit them disgustingly well. You might’ve heard me say that Cancer is the most pathetic sign of the Zodiac. I don’t mean “pathetic” with a negative connotation (okay, maybe a little…I can be a be a total sad sack, I’ll admit it), I just mean it’s a sign that runs purely on pathos. I’m not a very logical person. Check. What else…some key words from…emotional, caring, family, intuitive, imaginative…oh wait, forceful and direct, that’s not me…Oh, but Cancer has a heart of emotions but will only reveal their feelings gradually….they have a special need for permanence in a relationship and are not interested in mere flirtations…protective…possessive…old-fashioned (which I sort of deplore and sort of love about myself)…have a hard time forgiving/letting go…inferiority complex and easily offended…nostalgic...Oh, and this…
“Cancerians sometimes experience trouble deciding between the ambitious, tough and outgoing side of their nature and the somewhat sensitive, inward looking part of themselves.”

I’ll just leave it at that.

And I know that Cancers like food and being at home and the arts and food and…
Part of me really doesn’t want to believe in Astrology. Like, why would the alignment of a bunch of balls of gas light-years away determine anything about anyone? And horoscopes never come true in my experience. But then I read the description of a Cancer and it’s me nearly to a tee. And I know a perfect Scorpio and a perfect Pisces and a perfect Taurus and…I mean, maybe it’s a coincidence, probably it’s a coincidence. I probably read an astrology book one day and then went “Hey, I’m intuitive, sensitive and caring! So I can be as clingy, conflict avoidant, constantly changing, and passive-aggressive as I want and just blame it on my sign, too!”
But, like I said, one day I’d like to learn how to read star charts so I can write horoscopes (maybe this blog will be a horoscope column some day) and see what %age of them are pure BS. I bet it’s a lot of them. And, don’t worry, I’m not gonna be like “Hey, you’re everything I want but you’re an air or fire sign so I’ll never give you a chance la di da!”

Okay, I need to sleep…I’m sure there’s still a shitton to write about but that’ll happen later. But I shall leave an assignment for you all…Go to this site:

And tell me that sounds exactly like me. And then find your own sign and leave a comment below (with your name if you’d truly like to appease me) saying what sounds and doesn’t sound like your sign. Kthx?

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  1. You're so very definitely a cancer.
    I fit virgo almost perfectly. (Almost because I'm overcritical but not harsh! Also, I wouldn't say conservative, necessarily.)